Something Is Going To Drop With Mueller

“Am I shocked, surprised, or [finding] it sleazy that the Democrats would have wanted to get potential incriminating information about financials or sex against Donald Trump? No,” Kayyem said. “Did the same thing happen on the other side? Yes.”

…Kayyem speculated that the pace of stories critical of Hillary Clinton represents “a recognition by the White House team” that Mueller is getting close to something substantive as a result of his investigation.

…“This is so close to the Oval Office now, if not in the Oval Office, that all of this [dossier news] to me is just background noise to what Mueller is going to deliver,” she said. “This is more than an obstruction charge. There is something big underlying the obstruction.”

Juliette Kayyem: ‘It Is Safe To Say That Before Thanksgiving … Something Is Going To Drop With Mueller.’ | WGBH News



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