Ivanka Trump rebrands — again

With few exceptions, Trump’s family-centric social media habits have been curbed. Amid a barrage of negative press in recent weeks, Trump has shifted her strategy, instead portraying herself through the lens of her White House position. 

….The abrupt switchover from documenting all aspects of her lifestyle to almost all White House-centric posts is a curious move for Trump, for years a savvy entrepreneur and businesswoman who knows about the importance of marketing a brand.

…Trump’s image rebranding comes amid an intensifying barrage of negative headlines. Paparazzi are a near-constant presence outside her home in Northwest Washington.

Her husband Jared Kushner’s involvement in the 2016 campaign is part of ongoing investigations into Russian interference in the election, and the scrutiny only intensified over the summer.

Politico reported earlier this week that White House accounts sent internal White House documents to an email address shared by Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and their household staff. The couple had previously exchanged emails with White House officials about government business using their personal email addresses. The Politico report revealed that they also used a third email address on their private domain to communicate with White House officials.

Ivanka Trump rebrands — again – CNNPolitics



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