Chris Sommers Responds After Police Union Puts Him — and Pi Pizzeria — on Blast 

Yes, I had to lock down my restaurant for the first time from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. I then had to close the restaurant, buy dinner for remaining guests and ensure that my team, who were now all terrified from the gas and rush by the police, had a safe ride home. I repeat, we only closed our restaurant this weekend out of fear of police, not protestors or the shitheads vandalizing. 

… Despite the SLMPD catching none of the criminals who have assaulted and robbed me, my businesses and employees, or home, I have continued to support them. They have NOT protected me and often never showed up when I’ve called them, but I’ve continue to serve them, with free meals and cash.

…The systematic racism and corruption in our SLMPD and beyond is well-known and documented. (What I’ve experienced the past few days, however, is trivial when compared to what African Americans do on a daily basis. I don’t at all mean to create a false equivalency with this. I know the gun they used on me could have been different if I were black.) I’ve had many cops and relatives of cops and former cops approach me since this incident to tell me of their own experiences with it, and why they had to leave the force because they could not ethically continue. A co-worker of mine was dining in St. Louis on Friday, when six cops came in bragging about killing Smith, saying “so what, we killed him, St. Louis needs to move on.”

…But it’s so much larger than that. Cops can do no wrong in their minds, and they will defend each other to no end. The authoritarian code in the police departments transcends their work, influences their politics and informs their “faith.” It’s disgusting….

Chris Sommers Responds After Police Union Puts Him — and Pi Pizzeria — on Blast | Food Blog

This. So much this!


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