5 Movies That Were Based On Much Sadder True Stories

While lying and exaggerating in biopics is nothing unexpected, doing so is actually tonally perfect for the biography of Chris Kyle — since he, himself, made up more stories than a kid with a Canadian girlfriend.

…He has allegedly stated that after Hurricane Katrina, he traveled to New Orleans and killed a whole bunch of looters. …In his book, he says that he found chemical weapons from Germany and France in Iraq, which presumably came as a hell of a surprise to all three countries. 

…The least sexy, but probably craziest fabrication was when he lied about the number of military medals he was awarded. …He claimed to have punched Jesse Ventura for saying that the Navy SEALS “deserved to lose a few.” This one was so egregious that Ventura took things to court, and won a $1.8 million lawsuit against Kyle (or rather, his estate, because Kyle had already been killed at the time of the decision). If there are levels to lying, doing it so hard that the court orders an American hero’s widowed wife to cough up close to two million dollars means you’ve hit the cap.

5 Movies That Were Based On Much Sadder True Stories | Cracked.com



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