Zim’s first family

The sons were sent to study in Dubai, in part to prevent them from misbehaving in Harare. That ended in controversy, with some media reporting in 2016 that they were asked to leave. So they were moved again, this time to Johannesburg.

…It is a potential bolt-hole in case the Mugabes are no longer welcome in Zimbabwe. Grace is setting up her own R45‑million home in Sandhurst.

…she is not exactly a [stabilizing] influence. She burst into the headlines again this week when she was accused of assaulting Gabriella Engels, a 20-year-old model, in a hotel room rented by her sons. Grace allegedly beat Engels repeatedly with the plug on an extension cord as her bodyguards watched.

..Her reputation precedes her. There’s the lavish spending; one day in 2003 she reportedly dropped £75 000 on luxury goods during a shopping trip in Paris. There’s the obvious disconnect from the reality of everyday life; the day she donated a bag of men’s size 13 shoes to an orphanage, posing for a photograph with the orphans as their tiny feet struggled to balance in the enormous, impractical footwear.

And there’s the violence.

Zim’s disgraceful first family | News | Africa | M&G



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