Scarborough on Jared & Ivanka: Go Back to NY and leave the White House to he Professionals

Scarborough tore into the first daughter in The Washington Post op-ed, saying her recent tweet about serving “alongside” new White House chief of staff John Kelly was an example of her “entitlement.”

…”Kelly and White House insiders know that Ivanka Trump is as ill-prepared to face the brutish realities of Washington as her father,” Scarborough continued. “And tragically, neither seems to know what they do not know.”

…Kushner, Scarborough writes, believes “he could reinvent government like Al Gore, micro manage the White House like James Baker and restructure the Middle East like Moses.”

“…I also love Joey, Andrew, Katherine and Jack Scarborough. But I wouldn’t let them run my morning show any more than Trump should let his children run roughshod over White House operations,” he wrote.

“The best thing they can do for their country is to move back to New York and let professionals run the White House.”

: Scarborough to Jared and Ivanka: Move back to New York | TheHill

From the mouths of partisan talking-heads…..


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