DCCC chairman tries to defend abandoning women’s rights in favor of electing white men.

DCCC chairman responds to critics on abortion litmus test | TheHill

There is no defense for this. None. Not from anyone who values equality and civil rights for all.

A bigger tent only works is empowerment is distributed equally. Inviting those into the tent that would justify ripping empowerment away from women make it smaller.

Allowing room for those under the tent to dispute the fact that living, breathing women are more important and have more rights than the idea of a future child devalues all women, especially the ones under the tent being asked to support it.

No matter what your personal ideas on abortion are, allowing room for dispute about women’s ability to access us is anti-egalitarian. If a man owns his own body but a woman does not have sole autonomy over hers, then women are not being treated a full equal citizens.

Here’s hoping the DCC withers up and dies before this disease infects any more of the Democratic Party. The DCCC chairman need to be chucked out to pasture with all of the other dinosaurs and backwards old men. And if he isn’t? Well, see my comments about the entire DCCC dying.

Anyone who supports this man or what he is saying is anti-women, period. And that include that crusty old asshole with his bro-posse from Vermont.



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