The Least the GOP Can Do Now Is Demand the Firing of Kushner

Trump Jr. didn’t attend the Veselnitskaya meeting alone. He brought along his brother-in-law and then–Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.
And when Trump Jr. forfeited his ability to claim ignorance of that meeting’s true nature Tuesday, he forfeited Kushner’s as well: The emails he posted show that he forwarded his entire email chain with Goldstone to the now-senior White House adviser.

One of the president’s most powerful advisers — a man who has played such an active role in shaping the administration’s foreign policy, he’s been called the “second secretary of State” — knowingly met with an agent of the Kremlin in hopes of securing opposition research on Hillary Clinton.

Shortly after Trump’s election, Kushner spoke with the Russian ambassador about setting up a secret communications channel with Moscow — one safe from the prying eyes of American intelligence agencies. Days later, Kushner met with the head of the Russian state-owned bank Vnesheconombank — an encounter that he described as diplomatic, but that the Russian banker insisted was strictly business.

Later, when asked to list any meetings he’d taken with foreign government officials on his application for a top-secret security clearance, all of these incidents slipped Kushner’s mind.

The Least the GOP Can Do Now Is Demand the Firing of Kushner



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