Sessions offered to resign before Trump’s trip abroad 

Trump has continuously — sometimes publicly — expressed his frustration with Sessions’ decision to formally step back from any investigation of Russian election interference. A day after Sessions announced his recusal, Trump gathered his senior aides in the Oval Office for a meeting, during which he fumed about Sessions’ decision.

…A fractured relationship between Trump and Sessions would be significant and could amount to Trump abandoning one of his most loyal supporters. Sessions was the first and, for many months, the only U.S. senator to back Trump’s campaign.

…Trump traces the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller to lead the investigation into Russian election interference back to Sessions’ decision to recuse himself.

…The Trump adviser said Sessions was unlikely to leave his post — but that Sessions has been taken aback by how often Trump complains about the Russia recusal. Sessions, after consulting with Department of Justice lawyers, had thought the recusal was inevitable.

…”Trump doesn’t follow the traditional rules of politics that when it gets hot, you have to do something to take the heat down,” this person said. “He dials it up.”

Sessions offered to resign before Trump’s trip abroad – POLITICO



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