Trial Nears For Minnesota Police Officer Who Shot Philando Castile 

Yanez told his partner that he thought the driver fit the description of a suspect in a convenience store robbery that happened down the road just a few days earlier. He told the driver and passenger that he was pulling them over for a broken brake light.

Seventy-four seconds after Yanez activated his squad lights, he fired the last of seven shots into the car, fatally injuring the 32-year-old driver, Philando Castile. As Castile slumped over, dying, his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, began live-streaming on Facebook. Her 4-year-old daughter watched from the back seat.

Now, Yanez faces manslaughter and weapons charges tied to the shooting. Jury selection begins Tuesday in what’s believed to be the first time a Minnesota police officer has been indicted for shooting a civilian while on duty.

…Castile, who worked for years as a school cafeteria supervisor, had a handgun he was licensed to carry in his pocket the night he was pulled over.

…According to the criminal complaint, Castile’s last words were: “I wasn’t reaching for it.”

…”The mere mention or presence of a firearm alone cannot justify the use of deadly force,” Choi says.

Trial Nears For Minnesota Police Officer Who Shot Philando Castile : NPR

There isn’t enough jail-time in the world for this lawless murderer but a conviction and incarceration in general population would go a long way in making example of what is not acceptable behavior for an officer of the law. It would probably also make him a corpse. In this case, that seems like something that more than resembles a fair and equitable outcome. Do unto others after all….


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