Donald Trump doesn’t seem to understand how the Senate works 

Getting rid of the legislative filibuster would make the way the Senate works entirely indistinguishable from the way the House works.The House is — and was designed to be — a majority-rule entity. From its founding in Article 1, Section 3 of the Constitution, which establishes that members of the House must stand for new terms every two years, the whole idea was that the House was the direct voice of the people — reflecting what they wanted at a given time.

That same Constitution — you may have heard of it — established six-year terms for senators, an attempt to differentiate it from the House and create the idea of the Senate as a more deliberate institution.

…Trump’s tweet is also wrong on the specifics of the two pieces of legislation — health care and tax reform — he is insisting would pass the Senate if not for its 60-vote rule.

…Trump is either blithely unaware of these things or simply doesn’t care. 

…In Trump’s mind, he’s the President so everyone — the Senate included — should be doing what he says and passing the legislation he wants passed.
Which, of course, is a gross misunderstanding of the separation of powers, the history of the Senate and the current legislative processes governing tax reform and the American Health Care Act.

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to understand how the Senate works –

That’s what happens when you vote for someone who talks like a toddler: tjhey act like one too.


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