Trump doubting top advisers while still in complete denial over messing up left and right

Sources say the president’s own frustration is at a high point. He is doubting his top advisers, even son-in-law Jared Kushner, who supported firing FBI Director James Comey despite the ongoing Russia investigation.

The White House is also trying to contain fallout from Mr. Trump’s decision to share classified intelligence with top Russian diplomats.

On Wednesday in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed the scandal as “political schizophrenia.” Putin even said he would share transcripts of the president’s comments with the U.S. Congress, if the White House approved.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said he was unaware of any Russian recording of the meeting.

Trump defiant, doubting top advisers as White House in turmoil, sources say – CBS News

Yeah, well, this is why you don’t hire your son-in-law to do a job he has no experience for. Man, are they ever incompetent. Is there one thing the Cheeto in Chief criticized HRC that he hasn’t then turned around and donw 1000x worse? What a bozo.


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