More inconsistencies found in ex-Trump adviser Michael Flynn’s consulting work

Michael Flynn is at odds with his former Turkish client over two unusual payments totalling $80,000 that Flynn’s firm sent back last year to the client.

Flynn’s company, Flynn Intel Group, told the Justice Department in March that the two $40,000 payments were consulting fees for unspecified work. But Turkish businessman Ekim Alptekin has told The Associated Press that the payments from Flynn’s firm were refunds for unperformed lobbying.

…The Senate intelligence committee said late Wednesday it issued a subpoena to compel Flynn to turn over documents related to its investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 election.

…In March, Kelner said in a statement that Flynn had a “story to tell,” but said no reasonable person would agree to be questioned by the committee without “assurances against unfair prosecution.”

…Flynn and Alptekin have, at times, provided inconsistent explanations of the work.

Alptekin said last fall that his company paid only tens of thousands of dollars, but later acknowledged that the $530,000 in payments listed in Flynn’s foreign agent filing was correct.

Alptekin’s contention that Flynn didn’t carry out any lobbying also appears to conflict with Flynn’s filing with the Justice Department since the firm reported lobbying activity. It registered with Congress as a lobbyist in September, and Flynn Intel and a contracted public relations firm disclosed lobbying a House committee and an Arkansas state official.

More inconsistencies found in ex-Trump adviser Michael Flynn’s consulting work | Toronto Star



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