President Trump welcomes Patriots to White House, leaves Tom Brady out of remarks

“The fourth-down conversion conversion by Danny Amendola, where is Danny?” Trump said, looking back to the players behind him for Amendola before apparently being told Amendola wasn’t there. “Way to go, Danny.”

Trump seemed to go out of his way to avoid mentioning players who weren’t on the White House trip, which made the Amendola moment stand out. He praised Trey Flowers for a Super Bowl sack, but didn’t mention Dont’a Hightower, whose strip-sack was probably the biggest play of the game. Hightower wasn’t at the White House. Trump mentioned lesser-known players like Matthew Slater, Nate Ebner, Marcus Cannon and the offensive line, but didn’t mention James White, who scored the game-winning touchdown in overtime of the Super Bowl. White reportedly wasn’t at the White House visit.

And, notably, Trump never mentioned quarterback Tom Brady, undeniably the team’s biggest star. Brady didn’t go to the White House, citing a family situation. Brady and Trump are friends, but Brady has avoided talking about Trump for months.

President Trump welcomes Patriots to White House, leaves Tom Brady out of remarks

What a pathetic, butt-hurt little toddler.

Awww, did the poor whittle orange Cheeto get blown off by half the team?

Did he get a lame, unsigned helmet instead of the cool one they brought to Obama?

Did they have to zoom in on the phot with the team to make it less obvious that the players who attended hardly filled the steps they take the picture on?

Wah, wah, weh… All the way home.


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