Lawmaker Says She is Not Sorry for Calling Out White Male Colleagues on Not Listening to Minority Women. In Response, a White Male Shows How Tone Deaf and Myopic He is

“I have no intention of apologizing,” she said. I’m really tired of watching women of color in particular being ignored.”

At least one person there, Republican Rep. Greg Davis, thought the comment was racist. According to a tweet by the Post Bulletin’s political reporter, Davis even said he thinks Hortman should resign.

Rep. Omar defended Hortman, though, by reading the definition of racism. She noted that racism involves someone antagonizing a person of a different race based on the believe that their own race is superior.

“I don’t think minority leader could be called, [or] her comments could be called racist,” Omar stated.

Lawmaker calls out white men for not listening, says she’s not sorry

Good on ya, Reps Hortman and Omar!

Always nice to see women having each other’s backs instead of splintering up into factions.


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