Hillary Clinton and the Audacity of Political Realism

Sanders’s belief in the plausibility of a “political revolution” is also based off a specific critique of Obama’s presidency and its approach to wielding power. In his view, Obama had it within his power to upend the rules of politics in 2008, when he was pulling record crowds and creating a new model for political organizing. Then he got elected and … stopped. He went from revolutionizing the outside game to trying to master the inside game. He let Organizing for America wither, and he compromised with every major interest group that stood in his way.

I totally get that and I agree that Obama wasted a golden opportunity to employ the energy of his supporters after he got into office.  Bernie is way oversimplifying things though. Obama didn’t just stop when he got into office. He also was stopped short by the intractable obstructing of needing the government he promised to tear down to do the things he promised to do. threatening to fire everyone and/or tell them how to do their jobs is not a good way to introduce yourself to new coworkers. they will resist like the solid wall that Obama’s momentum crashed into once he stepped into the Oval Office.

Hillary Clinton and the audacity of political realism – Vox


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