Bill Clinton records include advice on Lewinsky, farewell speech

Bill Clinton records include advice on Lewinsky, farewell speech

Days after Clinton won re-election in 1996, adviser Rahm Emanuel urged the president to continue to crack down on crime, drugs and illegal immigration.

“During the State of the Union, you should propose your new Juvenile legislation with additional funding for 10,000 new anti-violent gang prosecutors,” Emanuel counseled, calling it a “bold” proposal that would win over the traditionally Republican constituency of prosecutors.

“That’s a lot,” Clinton jotted in the margins of the memo. Atop the policy paper, he wrote: “I agree w/all of it w/exception of 10,000 pros for juvenile gangs, a question which needs more discussion.”

Emanuel, who went on to be Obama’s first White House chief of staff and now serves as Chicago mayor, also urged a series of measures to attack illegal immigration. Expanding a program to conduct deportation hearings at prisons “will enable you to claim and achieve record deportations of criminal aliens,” Emanuel wrote, also proposing a “one-month moratorium on naturalization” of new citizens and to “dramatically expand” National Guard on the Mexican border.

God, I hate Rahm. I feel completely vindicated in that after reading this.


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