Parent-child play: It’s constant and exhausting, but is there a better way?

An expectation of play availability is a given of contemporary parenthood. 

Parent-child play: It’s constant and exhausting, but is there a better way?

For fuck’s sake…. Stop doing everything for your children. If they can’t even entertain themselves how the fuck do you expect their coddled and shielded asses to function by themselves throughout their adult life?

A grown adult shouldn’t feel guilty that they don’t find the same things fun as  a three year old does. That’s fucking stupid. What kind of adult, what kind of parent would they be if they still had the mind of a fucking child? Seriously, for your children’s fucking sake and the sake of the fucking future of the world, accept that it is a child job to play and an adult’s job to parent. Parent, as in, be the fucking adult, not a goddamn playmate for whatever aged child resides in the household. You know, adult stuff, lime knowing better and taking responsibility for things, not indulging your child’s every fucking whim.

Interact with your child and show interest in their world and experiences? Yes. Live their fucking childhood for them? Hell the fuck no!

Zero sympathy for any parent too dumb to know that they need to focus on parenting, not being a fucking playmate. Seriously, none. If a parent is too much of a sheeple dumbfuck to grasp this simple concept they deserve to be the overworked, over-committed life they create for themselves.

God! People are so fucking dumb! Grow the fuck and parent people. Christ!

Baby boomers and millennial prove, on a grand scale, every fucking day what happens when children are raised to believe the world revolves around them and the world owes them something. Heaven help the world that is run by people who grow up this way.

Ahem, not that the (admittedly very Gen-X) peanut gallery has any strong opinions on the matter…


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